Brazilian Bikinis

What exactly is a Brazilian Bikini? You hear the term used everywhere, but almost nowhere can you find a true definition on what a Brailian bikini is. As you’d imagine, the Brazilian originated in South America, on the beaches of Rio De Janeiro. It was a remarkable turn of events in the evolution of the bikini. Up until the Brazilian bikini appeared, the general trend seemed to be that womens swimwear would continue to get smaller and smaller, sometimes held together with little more than fishing line. Then Brazilian bikinis appeared, which use more fabric, and despite covering much more than their micro bikini counterparts, the people saw that it was good.

The comparison is striking really. Just below on the left is a micro bikini or g-string, thong type bottom. On the right is a Brazilian bottom. Notice the difference?

Brazilian Bikini Comparison

The Brazilian bikini bottom definitely covers lots more real estate, and allows us the option of being a bit more modest. It covers about half of the buttocks and usually features a straight line across the back, accentuating the shape of the buttocks.

Like all bikini bottoms, Brazilians come in all shapes and sizes, colors and patterns. A few examples below:

brazilian bikini styles

A Brazilian bikini should be part of any bikini lover’s wardrobe. They’re great for the times when you want just a little more coverage, but want to maintain the sexy look. You can see from the examples above that there is a Brazilian bikini to suit every taste, so its simply a matter of finding the right one for you.